By Annabelle Marsh

A young girl walks down an alley, wandering towards her turmoil ridden house, past all the shops and businesses that she once frequented. Now there were whispers of her strangeness. On the way  the girl halts as she hears a siren and a huge flame billows out from her neighborhood, she shakes her head as though trying to make a vision disappear. Sighing, she turns and runs, the fire seeming to follow her. Soon she is running faster than the cars in this sleepy little village, but she is no match for the fire. It catches up to her, enveloping her gasping figure. Suddenly she can breathe though the fire, and in the eerie, fiery light mutters, “I really shouldn’t do this, but I must”. She moves with strange motions, and shouts nonsensical words. Water floods from the cloudless sky, soaking everything in this sleepy little town. The little girl turns tail and runs, never to be seen again. She is not mourned.

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